Into the Unknown - The Great Salt Lake and the Grand Prehistoric Dominion - Gabriel Blackhelm
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The Emerald City

I was lured by a mirage to a mysterious and ancient-looking mountain and made the fabled journey like the early explorers across the limitless expanse of the Great Salt Lake Desert. Imagine finding this place in the midst of a white desert when you've grown up in a culture that doesn't think there's anything west of the freeway. This led me to explore and understand the history of the area with the knowledge that here there is an immediacy between now and 10,000 years ago. This is the way it was and this truly is my home, because everything within the waterline that runs along the mountains is part of one landscape and to look out at the horizon and imagine the islands in the scattered about in the shimmering water, and to feel the loss of that place and yet see the beauty that remains, is an awesome experience.

Newfoundland RangeUT