Into the Unknown - The Great Salt Lake and the Grand Prehistoric Dominion - Gabriel Blackhelm
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This cold, clear water is flowing to the Great Salt Lake as it has for thousands of years. Sadly, instead of contributing to this awesome body of water, connecting the wildness and natural beauty of the Great Salt Lake with the snow-capped peaks of the prehistoric shoreline, it will end up in the generic and uninspired Willard Bay. Rep. Lee Perry wants to pass a bill to make Willard Bay twice the size it is now. Reservoirs are all the same. Cutting into the Great Salt Lake's territory to increase the size of a reservoir is like leveling a cathedral to put in a strip mall. He's the one behind the class V landfill as well, and deregulating waste oversight from the DEQ so no one will know what kind of waste is being brought in by the people who purchased the ground at Promontory Point for a landfill. The same people who the liars on the county commission invited to come in and lie to us at the courthouse (one of them notably missing,) lie openly before honest men who have lived here for decades and been pillars in the community and made this a good place to live, apparently their concern counted for little. How is it that people of the general population are so stupid? How are they so easily deceived? Does this neotenous fat-faced guy with a mustache look like the keeper of the values? You'd think people who live in a choice land would take one look at him and go, "maybe the person to best keep our land and protect our heritage is not someone who looks like a mall cop or manager at Hot Dog on a Stick in a bad comedy movie." What do they think is going to happen when they put a clown in charge of a place where kings have never owned such land? There's a picture of him in the newspaper pretending to be on the verge of breaking into tears at a young patrol officer's funeral and he looks ridiculous, like... 'ope, camera.' So he squints his eyes and holds his breath. I don't have any problem with him as a lieutenant in the Highway Patrol. They can write all the seat belt tickets they want, but what he's done as an elected official and the people he's conspired with, will bring about the destruction of many people if it continues. Maybe then the water in this stream will flow to it's natural home. He's made clear his unwillingness to be honest about his dealings, but being a liar and a buffoon is a poor defense in the face of the truth where votes aren't worth the paper on which they're cast. He has blood on his hands, and there will be a reckoning.