The Great Salt Lake and the Grand Prehistoric Dominion - Gabriel Blackhelm
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A very gloomy day I thought today. I probably wouldn't have went out to the Great Salt Lake, when it's dreary like this it sometimes feels distant, and sometimes like it's not there. The Great Salt Lake is generally a hostile place to visitors, they find it so ostensibly because they are adults, having freshly arrived from an infantile culture, they are demanding, and the landscape feels entirely alien to them, so they walk around for a minute and then leave.

Far down the shore a dark figure is making his way toward me while I am in the midst of confronting my technical ignorance of how a camera works. As he gets closer I have this feeling that he is without destination and only intention, which is to talk to me, though I am not in the mood to speak to anyone. I make myself look busy, peering into the viewfinder. His footsteps approach closely and there is a long silence. My anxiety is peaking and I feel that if I turn and speak to him I will be angry, and if he doesn't hear it in my voice, he will see it in my eyes. He begins walking again and I glance over my shoulder. He greets me and I say hello. He keeps walking, but I feel privileged to have made his brief acquaintance.